ITA Alto Trombone Competition

For alto trombonists ages 25 and under - birth date of January 1, 1988 or later

First Prize - TBA

General Rules and Requirements

Additional Rules

  • Live piano accompaniment is required. No pre-recorded accompaniments are acceptable.
  • The preliminary round recording must be uploaded as two separate tracks (movement 1 and movement 2).
  • Each movement may be recorded separately, but there may be no editing within a movement.
  • Past winners of the ITA Alto Trombone Competition are not eligible in the 2014 ITA Alto Trombone Competition.

Preliminary & Final Round Repertoire

  • Georg Christoph Wagenseil
    Ed. Bryan (Universal Edition)

    NOTE: First movement cadenza and ornamentation are at the discretion of the performer; no second movement cadenza. Soloists are permitted to compose their own cadenza for the first movement if desired.

Past Winners

Year Winner School
2009 Márton Kuna Music School of Kecskemét, Hungary
2010 Joshua Bledsoe Arizona State University
2011 Brian Santero Curtis Institute of Music
2012 Charlotte van Passen Conservatorium van Amsterdam
2013 Kurt Neubauer Janacek Academy of Music and Performance Arts Brno